About us

We are a dynamic Bratislava based company specializing in the application and deployment of state of the art technologies to solve real world problems.

We translate academic research and state of the art technologies into software solutions which push the state of the art beyond currently available paradigms.

Shenteq s.r.o. was founded in 2007. Since then we have completed several projects providing consulting, software, systems and components. Collaborations with industrial as well as academic partners helped us gain the experience required to successfully push the currently available technology envelope.

Our Services

Building on our long-lasting experience due to our applied software background combined with our academic training and skills, we deliver the best product to our customers. Our competence extends, but not limited, to the following topics:

IP Management

We focus on the management of intellectual property, both newly created as well as already existing. We strive to provide the best cost to time ratio by utilizing a networked environment of experienced experts from various fields.

Strategic Consulting

Benefit from our development experience, academic research, technological insights on trends and possibilities in application and software design and architecture and our successfully completed projects.

Corporate Designs

We design and implement whole corporate designs by using our software modules into convenient web-based applications which allow for high portability and wide accessibility from all around the world with a great number of devices.

Writing and Translation

Having published extensively in academic journals, we are proficient in writing technical manuals, guides or textbooks. We may create completely new or adapt existing materials to a new setting and language.

Work Flows

We are specialized in providing highly customized solutions tailored specifically to your needs. This is made possible by thoroughly discussing and reviewing your already established work flow personally in great detail so as to determine all of your requirements and needs.

Acquisition Consulting

Since software licenses represent a substantial financial commitment a clear understanding of both the available choices as well as your requirements and needs is of great importance. We offer our services and knowledge of systems and software to advise you in the process of selection of acquisition to ensure the best of results for you.

Algorithm Design

You have developed an algorithm, perhaps even a prototype implementation, e.g., in Matlab. We are capable to develop and deploy a production ready version with increased performance and/or reduced resource requirements by utilizing multiple programming languages, programming paradigms and compiler technologies.


Our academic training and experience qualifies us to conduct research for your needs in various fields of scientific computing. From the purely computational aspects to discretization schemes and the solution of linear systems we and our partners have the combined expertise to tackle problems of great intricacies with ease.


Selected Customers and Partners

Even before founding Shenteq s.r.o. our founders already had cooperations with international companies

  • Sony Corp., Tokyo, Japan

    Research and application development in the field of technology computer aided design (TCAD).

  • Intel Corp., Hillsboro, Oregon, USA

    Research and application development in the field of technology computer aided design (TCAD).

during their joint time at

  • TUWien, Vienna, Austria

    Research and software development in the field of quantum physics.

with which they still cooperate today.

Since its founding Shenteq s.r.o. has built on the acquired experiences and successfully extended collaborations and partnerships:

  • Silvaco Inc., Cambridge, UK

    Module development in the field of technology computer aided design (TCAD).

  • Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria

    Research and software development in the field of quantum physics.

  • Peugeot, Vienna, Austria

    Development of a high performance database for distributed, large dataset processing.

  • Post AG, Vienna, Austria

    Consulting and software development.

Contact us

If you have any questions or you want to meet with us, you can contact us with following methods:

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